Mechanical shocks, falls

Mechanical shocks

Wether accidental (impacts), predictable (handling) or anticipated in the life profile of an equipment (landing shocks, pyroshocks,...), mechanical shocks are an integral part of the usage environment of the equipment.

They are naturally integrated to many specifications.Machine à chocs



  • Achieving usual shocks (demi-sinus,  sawtooth, …)
  • Simulating pyroshocks and seismic spectrum
  • Accelerometric measurements can be realised
  • Possibility to realise "on demand" shocks with different duration and amplitude
  • Analysing results
  • May give advices in case of problem encountered
  • Writting testing report


Essais au chocs







  • Shock machine MTS 845
    • Table dimension 1m x 1m
    • Wave forms Formes d'ondes semi sinusoidal and trapezoidal
    • Amplitude : 5 to 600g
    • Shock duration 0,2 ms to 50 ms
    • Acquisition chain HP
    • Working load limit 500 kg
  • Pyroshock machine
    • Drive free fall
    • Stimulation principle by pendulum system
    • SRS (Shock Response Spectrum) generation pyroschock type



Handling drop

During handling, the most important mechanical damages are suffered by packaging.

  • Achieving test at different height.
  • Acquisition system for accelerometer measurements.

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