Mechanic, climatic, acoustics tests


Equipments Qualification


The testing implementation aim is to determine the ability of an equipment to function as expected (or in degraded mode for specified working). The nature and severity of these tests comes from the life profil established during the design phase. Usually, test campaigns to achieve are the result of specifications given by contactors to their suppliers. These specifications are often based on standards and testing methods to ensure the reproducibility of these tests and the technical legitimacy.

Qualification testing may be of different kinds :

We also work with other laboratories of the Emitech Group for qualification testing of electrical and electronic equipments such as:

  • Electromagnetic: compatibility, susceptibility, emission
  • Electric: cuts, surge, subtranscient, ...
  • Indirect lightning


The qualification campaigns are generally linked to programs from automotive, military, aeronautic, space, railway and marine industries.

They also may be applied to industrial products and equipments (telecommunications, nuclear,..) and more widely to any equipment conditionned to be shipped away from the manufacturing site. 


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