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Modal analysis


Adetests has the means to perform experimental modal analysis in its laboratory but also in-situ. Adetests can carry out measurements of vibrations, acoustic, vibro-acoustic.

It is also possible to realise structural calculation by finite elements in order to define the tests to realise on sub-assemblies which are too heavy or too big to be tested on conventional test means.




Documentary analysis


Adetests can realise documentary analysis: for the replacement of obsolete components or sub-assemblies.

We can realise comparative study of new products with former requirements or we can evaluate new risks and suggest additional tests to perform.




Writting QTP - Qualification Tests Plans


Adetests can write specifications or testing procedures, as well as complete qualification plan for all environmental components (mechanical, climaticand and electromagnetic compatibility).

Customization : In partnership with the laboratory of Versailles (Paris), Adetests can realise tests based on custom specifications about environmental or measurement data's.


Study and manufacturing of test tools


In partnership with Versailles laboratory and Environne'Tech we realise study and manufacturing tools with the relevant calculations if necessary.





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