Combined tests

Vibration - Vibration and temperatures tests 

Our laboratory is equipped with climatic rooms that can be adjusted on vibration shakers to realise your combined tests.



  • Harsh environment chamber
    • From -60°C to +250°C
    • Maximum Volume: 500x500x600
  • Controlled temperature chamber
    • From -40°C to +150°C
    • Volume: 1m3 1x1x1m


Essais combinés


  • LDS and ETS Electrodynamic shaker
    • Frequency range: from 3 to 3000 Hz
    • Table size:900 x 900 mm
    • Force: 28 000 N, 40 000 N  and 60 000 N
    • Frequency range: from 3 to 3000 Hz
    • Maximum acceleration: 100g
    • M+P piloting acquisition chain

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