Climatic Tests

Heat, cold, humidity, shocks, rapid temperature variation

The exposure to the natural elements under various conditions are the basis of climatic qualifications.


Enceinte climatique


  • Achieving tests of: heat, cold, humidity, icing, frost, rain, quick temperature variation,...
  • Ability to record temperatures at different points of the equipment thanks to an acquisition power plant with 12 channels
  • Writting testing report
  • We also have a large climatic chamber (2.5m x 2m x 2m) allowing dry temperature testing from 0°C to 100°C.



  • 10 climatic chambers for testing:
    • Heat, cold, icing, rain, quick temperature variation
    • Capacity of 1,5 m3
    • Minimum temperature -70°C
    • Maximum temperature +125°C
    • Maximum temperature variation velocity: up to 20°C / mn
    • Humidity from 5 to 95 %
    • Regulation and programming using PC microcomputer
  • Solar radiation test bench
  • Thermal shock chamber


Rayonnement solaire

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